Each class starts with a coach-led warm-up, specifically designed to prepare you for the WOD (Workout of the Day). Then, depending on which level of programming you select, your coach will guide you through either a STRENGTH, SKILL, or MOBILITY session, followed by the WOD.



Romeo Athletics is the home of CrossFit Revelation, where you'll experience CrossFit programming at its best. Perform constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity to develop overall fitness. Recommended for all fitness levels.


Boot Camp

Basic CrossFit movements, minus the barbell. It's all about intensity, and you will get your heart rate up! Recommended for beginners.


Personal Training

One-on-one training to achieve your personal fitness goals through a comprehensive, individualized approach.

You will have a custom day-by-day plan developed by one of our experienced coaches who will provide expert guidance.

Recommended for anyone, from first-timers to athletes, who wants tailored programming, nutrition consulting, and accountability.



Whether your goal is to improve body composition, get stronger, focus on a specific skill, or beat your best 5K time, we can customize a workout plan just for you.

Recommended for anyone of any skill level who wants to reach their goals faster and with more focus.



Every day in the gym, you break-down muscles. And if you rest, you will become stronger...but if you don’t give these muscles a chance to rebuild, you will become broken.

If you are feeling beat up, sore, or just not at 100%, book a session with Jill—our on-staff Physical Therapist—to see how she can help!

Recommended for anyone looking to improve recovery and feel better between workouts.


Athletic Development

Designed for the athlete who is looking for workouts focused on improving on-field performance and fostering athleticism.

The Athletic Development Program incorporates dynamic movement prep, intensity sprints, barbell lifts, bodyweight movements, volume sprinting, and conditioning. 

Recommended for anyone looking to increase Athletic Performance. .


Barbell Club

Olympic Weightlifting Program

Develop full-body strength using Olympic weightlifting. Learn to become more proficient and competitive in the fast lifts.

Recommended for both beginning and competitive weightlifters or athletes looking for an edge.


Endurance Training

Endurance training utilizes high-intensity speed work, which is constantly varied by length, time domain, and movement. You will train running, cycling, rowing, and swimming as a skill.

Recommended for anyone who wants to increase endurance capacity, to competitors getting ready for a local 5K, adventure race, triathlon, half-marathon, marathon, or even the toughest mud race or ultra-marathon.


Nutrition Coaching

Eating properly is the key to body composition change and athletic performance. We'll teach you how to do it the right way.

Recommended for EVERYONE!