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03/23: Donut 5K Presented by Precision Auto Repair and Sales: $35 (until March 1…then cost goes up to $40), 10:00am at Enfield Street School. This is a 5K run with 3 stops to eat a donut (or perform 25 burpees)! The Donut 5K is benefiting local police officers participating in the Police Unity Tour (which raises awareness of LEO’s that have died in the line of duty).


Warm Up:


5 Inchworms w/ Push Up

:30 Plank Hold

10 M Spiderman Crawl

Low Body Push:

This is one big circuit; rest as little as possible!


Movement A: 10 Banded Hamstring Curls

Movement B: Back Squats: 10/9/8/7/6 (Warm up to a weight that is easy for 10, each round add 10# to the bar)

Movement C: 10R/ 10L: Bulgarian Split Squat w/ No Weight


Tabata Bike Calories



Active Hamstring Stretch with Band :30R/:30L

Couch Stretch :30R/:30L