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Endurance Program Update! With running season upon us, the RA Endurance Program will now focus on improving your running ability and increasing your aerobic capacity! This program will be for anyone who wants to increase their speed, work towards improving times for a specific distance, or people who just want to be better runners. Rome is designing this program and the coaching will be led by whichever RA Coach is leading the class time. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 6:30pm and Saturday’s at 10:00am, the class programming will be the Endurance Program and the coach will be leading the Endurance Warm Up and EWOD during those hours. (NOTE: These class times will not include the “Workout of the Day” but will be solely Endurance-based.)

As with all of our programs, there are multiple options to meet anyone and everyone’s needs. For example, there will be a “I Want to Go Fast” option, a “5K” option, and a “10K+” option. We recommend that anyone who wants to sprint, facilitate faster run times in WODs, and increase their strength follows the “I Want to Go Fast” track. We recommend that anyone who has desires to run longer distances and improve aerobic capacity, while decreasing run times in workouts and/or races, follows either the “5K” or “10K+” depending on goals. If running isn’t an option for you for whatever reason, we can always modify the EWOD to include rowing or biking and still achieve the aerobic result of the designed workout.

If you have any questions about what track to follow or if you need to figure out what your running goals really are, click here to schedule a goal-setting session with Rome and he can help direct your path!


Warm Up:


1:00 Deadbug

12R/12L: DB Rows

20 DB Shrugs

Low Body Pull:

Deadlift: In 10 Minutes Work Up To 5-Rep Max

Rest 3 Minutes, Take 80% of 5-Rep Max for 1 Set of Max Reps


EMOM 10:

10 Suitcase Deadlifts

5 Burpees



10 Strict Pull Ups

20 KB Swings


Barbell Shrugs 3 X 20, No Breaks During the Set