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The 3rd Annual Romeo Athletics Charity Marathon Row:

ALL the details can be found here on the fundraising site!


Warm Up:

10 KB Swings Right

10R/ 10L: Medball Toss from Hip

10 KB Swings Left

10R/ 10L: Lateral Medball Toss

10 Hand to Hand Swing

10 OH Medball Toss

10 2-Handed Swings

Upper Body Push:

Incline Bench: 2-3 Warm Up Sets, Then 5 X 7, One Set Every Other Minute, Ascending Weights

Bootcamp: Use DB's



10 Calories on Bike

10 Thrusters (95/65#)

Auxiliary Work:


10 Incline Skull Crushers

20 Barbell Curls