Upcoming Events:

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September 30-November 11: Cut The Junk Nutrition Challenge

Saturday, October 19: Battle of the Coaches

Saturday, November 9: Wade’s Workout for Wade’s Army

Saturday, December 14: MisFit Toys Throwdown


Warm Up:


5-Way Medball Circuit

5 Inchworms w/ Push Up

Upper Body Push:

Strict Shoulder Press: 5 X 10, One Set Every Other Minute

Use Same Weight for all Sets...It’s Going to be Lighter Than You Think


EMOM 21:

Minute 1: 5 MU or 10 Pull Ups

Minute 2: 50 Doubles

Minute 3: 10 4-Way Deadbugs

Auxiliary Work:


20 DB Bench Press, :30-Second Hold in Iso Locked Out Position Between Sets

DB's are Never Put Down, Chest and Arms are Always Under Tension