Upcoming Events:

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September 30-November 11: Cut The Junk Nutrition Challenge

Saturday, October 19: Battle of the Coaches

Saturday, November 9: Wade’s Workout for Wade’s Army

Saturday, December 14: MisFit Toys Throwdown


Warm Up:


10 Empty Barbell Strict Press

10 4-Way Deadbugs

10 Ring Rows

Upper Body Push:

Incline Bench: 2 Warm Up Sets, Find Working Weight

5 X 5, Same Weight for All Sets

(Bootcamp: Use DB’s)


In 8 Minutes, Row 1000 M

then, With Remaining Time, Max Rounds:

60M Front Rack Slam Ball Carry

10 FS w/ Slam Ball

Auxiliary Work:

DB Flat Bench: 5 X 8

DB Decline Bench: 4 X 8