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Upcoming Events:

January 20th: Northeastern States Championship Weightlifting meet will be held at the gym

January 26th: Annual After-The-Holidays Party! Similar to CrossGiving, bring something to drink, we’ve got the food, and we’ll all celebrate the (end of the) Holiday Season together! All are welcome.


Warm Up:


:30R/:30L Captain Morgan

10 Push Ups

60M Power Skips

Upper Body Press:

Flat Bench 5 X 5, One Set Every 3 Minutes, Go Heavy



Burpee Suicide


Start: 10 Ball Slams, Run to Cone 1, 3 Burpees, Run to Start

Run to Cone 2: 6 Burpees, Run to Start

Run to Cone 3: 9 Burpees, Run to Start (This Concludes 1 Round)

Auxiliary Work:


Neutral Grip Bench Press: 5 X 8

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